FAQ for booking process

How to make the payment for my pool inspection?

The owner of the property who appoint us for this service must make the payment to: Account name: VBS PTY LTD BSB: 066-131 Account Number: 10584141

How much is the fee for pool inspection and certificate of pool compliance/inspection report?

  • Residential pool or spa barrier inspection: $185+GST = Total $203.50
  • Commercial pool or spa barrier inspection: $275+GST = Total $302.50
  • Re-inspection: $185+GST = Total $203.50

How long it takes before I can get my pool inspected?

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice before we can inspect your safety barrier. We guarantee an inspection within five days.

Where do I get the date of construction of the swimming pool or spa and relevant standard?

When you register your pool, the council will provide you with the date of construction of the swimming pool or spa and the applicable standard, e.g. year of construction 2007.

The relevant pool standard also is specified on the letter you receive from your local council when you register your pool/spa.

What is the process if a pool fence is non-compliant?

If we find the barrier is non-compliant, we will issue a notice, specifying the issues, the period the barrier must be made compliant (maximum 60 days) and a time for reinspection. Alternatively, where we find there is an imminent danger, we must issue a certificate of pool and barrier Non-compliant. After re-inspection, if we determine that the pool barrier is compliant, we can issue a certificate of barrier compliance, and you must then lodge the certificate with your local council.

If the barrier remains non-compliant, but we are satisfied that progress has been made towards bringing the barrier into compliance, we will allow you an additional seven days to rectify the barrier. Otherwise, we must issue a certificate of barrier non-compliance. If we issue a certificate of barrier non-compliance, we must lodge it with the relevant council and provide you with a copy.

Terms and conditions that the owner must agree is identified here.

1. If the owner decides to reschedule the inspection time, they must inform the inspector a minimum of 48 hours before the inspection, or they will be liable to pay the inspection fee.

2. The owner must provide safe access to the site of the building and to demonstrate compliance.

3. The applicant agrees to accept all communications such as calendar invites for inspections, notice for required rectifications and certificates by email provided in the application form. If we receive no response, it means that the applicant received our correspondence and agreed with our resolution.

4. The owner must warrant the accuracy of information provided in the application form. e.g. owner's name and applicable building standard identified on the council registration form.

5. The owner warrants to pay an additional $203.50 if reinspection is required or when we must issue a certificate of pool and spa barrier non-compliance when the pool has remained non-compliant.

6. The owner warrants that we are not liable for any cost, damage or defects that accrue as a result of our assessment unless we have been grossly negligent in providing our services.

7. The owner agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified us from and against all suits, actions, claims or demands by any person for any loss, damages, expense or costs incurred in connection with our services.​

8. The owner agrees if the information provided to us was incorrect, and as a result, we must issue a new certificate, the owner pays $203.50 for a new certificate.

9. The owner agrees, our liability shall be limited to the direct cost of pool inspection and not include any legal or other fees.

10. The owner agrees to provide a copy of the council registration letter at the inspection time.

11. If the owner requires us also to register the pool, an additional $203.50 applies to this service.

12. Inspections required out of a 40km radius from the Melbourne CBD requires an additional $1.75 per kilometre for travel allowance and an hourly rate of $185+GST in units of 15 min.

Where do I get the payment reference number ?

You create your own reference number. When making the payment, please use the property street number and street name as your reference. e.g. 26Jackson

What is the pool inspection fee covers?

  1. Travel to and from your property, if the property is within 40km from Melbourne CBD;
  2. Inspection of your Pool and Spa barrier by a registered building inspector; and
  3. Issuing one of the followings:
  • Form 23 – Certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance; or
  • Form 24 – Certificate of pool and spa barrier non-compliance; or
  • An inspection report to identify the non-compliance items, such as fence height and relevant requirements identified on the standard for rectification works.

Book Pool Safety Inspection

By sending this form, the applicant confirms he/she has read & fully understand the conditions & terms of engagement. 

The flow chart below provides an overview of the swimming pool safety barrier inspection process.

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